Scholars in Residence

The Centre hosts a Scholar in Residence, who utilizes the Centre’s research facilities in the course of their writing and research projects.

Daniela Augustine

Daniela Augustine (

Daniela Augustine is a Senior Lecturer for the International Institute for Christian Studies and a missionary-educator with Church of God World Missions. She is the co-founder of the Bulgarian Theological College in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, where she served as Academic Dean and, subsequently, as Vice-President for Academic Affaires. She has spent 11 years as a Church of God missionary to Bulgaria and 7 years as a missionary to the Czech Republic. While ministering in Prague, she lectured for the International Program of the Protestant Theological Faculty of Charles University – the oldest educational institution in Central Europe, established by emperor Charles IV in 1348 A.D. Augustine has served as a member of the Joint Consultative Group between WCC and Pentecostals and has participated in various ecumenical initiatives.

She is a member of the Center of Theological Inquiry in Princeton, NJ, where she spent the Fall semester of 2005 doing advanced post-doctoral research on the topic The Event of Pentecost as a Paradigm for Social Transformation. Daniela has been a guest lecturer at various educational institutions and has been a speaker and presenter at many theological forums and conferences. Daniela’s areas of interest and academic research include: Public Theology, Theological Ethics, Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Transformation, Postmodernity and Globalization. Among her current projects are: writing a section on the Bulgarian Pentecostal movement within the volume on Europentecostalism, edited by William Kay and Anne Dyer; continuing her research on Pentecost and Globalization, and developing a course on Orthodox Theology as a Resource for Pentecostal Spirituality. Daniela is married to Rev. Dr. Jonathan Augustine, who serves as Church of God Regional Superintendent for Central Europe. They have one son, Josiah Christopher Augustine. 


BS in Social Economics, University of International and Domestic Economics, Sofia, Bulgaria (1990)

MS in Social Economics, University of International and Domestic Economics, Sofia, Bulgaria (1991)

MDiv, Church of God School of Theology, Cleveland TN (1995)

DTh in Theological Ethics, University of South Africa, Pretoria (2002)

Advanced Post-doctoral research, Center of Theological Inquiry, Princeton, NJ (2005)


Pentecostal Ministry Award, Church of God School of Theology (1995) 

Papers, Publications and Presentations

2008: Presentation: The Pentecostal Challenge to Theological Inquiry, April 10-11, 2008, Luce Hall Conversations, Center of Theological Inquiry, Princeton, NJ, 

2006: Pentecost as the Church’s Cosmopolitan Vision of Civil Society (to be published by Eerdmans Pub. Co. in a volume entitled ‘Trinity, Church and Civil Society’) 

2006: Paper: The Language of the Other and the Demand for Cosmopolitan Hospitality, October 2006, Conference on the Centennial Celebration of Azusa Street’s Revival, Krakow, Poland (to be published in a volume by the Jegelonian University, Krakow, Poland)

2005: Preaching the Good News for Today (Evangel, September 2005).

2004: Paper: Toward a Dialectic of Liberation: An Eastern-European Theological Perspective, presented at the International Pentecostal Theological Conference, Auckland Park Theological Seminary, Johannesburg, South Africa, September 13, 2004 (to be published in a volume with other conference papers)

2004: Paper: Seeing Beyond the Screen: Towards an Understanding of the Significance and Function of Cyberspace as Media, Social and Sacred Space, Forum on Public Theology in Central Europe, March 25 to 28, 2004, Reformed Theological College of Debrecen, Debrecen, Hungary, organized by Center of Theological Inquiry, Princeton, New Jersey

2003: Paper: Cyberspace as the GenXers construct of Open Society: A Response to William Schweiker, Forum on Public Theology in Central Europe, May 28-31, 2003, International Baptist Theological Seminary, Pague, Czech Republic, organized by Center of Theological Inquiry, Princeton, New Jersey

2003: Paper: GenXers, Holiness Heritage and Pentecostal Ethics, International Pentecostal Symposium of Educators, August 6-10, 2003, Stuttgart, Germany 

2003: Paper: “The Other” as the Focal Point of Postmodern Ethics (to be published by BETI, Sofia Bulgaria)

2003:  The Spiritual Revolution: A Dialogue with Nicolai Berdyaev in the midst of Post-Revolutionary Social Despair (to be published by BETI, Sofia, Bulgaria)

2002: Paper: Contemporary Pentecostalism in an Eastern European Context: A Brief Outline of Challenges and Perspectives, Symposium on Pentecostalism: Challenges and Perspectives, Theological Seminary, Cleveland TN.

2001: Paper: Facing Today’s Challenges of Being the Church and Fulfilling its Mission. COG Missions Conference, Cooper City, FL

1992: Statistical Analysis of the International Trade of Bulgaria with the Other Balkan Countries (1970-1990), University of National and International Economics, Sofia.

Whilst in residence as a CPT Research Fellow, Professor Waddell worked on a forthcoming monograph entitled, World without End: Ecofriendly Readings of Ancient and Late Modern Apocalyptic Tales.

Whilst in residence as a CPT Research Fellow, Professor Charette focused on a forthcoming monograph exploring Spirit Baptism in the New Testament.

Whilst in residence as a CPT Research Fellow, Dr. Jacqui Grey primarily focused on a book project, which is a commentary on Isaiah from a Pentecostal perspective.

In keeping with the Centre for Pentecostal Theology’s goal of providing an environment conducive to creative research on Pentecostal topics and themes by established scholars among others, the CPT is happy to sponsor the CPT Research Fellowship. The Fellowship provides single accommodation for up to a month and a modest stipend to its recipient(s) in order to provide an opportunity for an extended period of intensive research. It is anticipated that the Fellow will participate in an initial community colloquy at the beginning of the period of research and a closing community consultation at the conclusion of this period in order to share research plans and results, respectively. Access for CPT Research Fellows may also be arranged to the Dixon Pentecostal Research Center, a world class Pentecostal archival collection, located one block down Walker Street from the Centre. Admission to the William G. Squires library shared by the Pentecostal Theological Seminary, Lee University, and the Church of God denomination may also be arranged. CPT Research Fellows are also welcome to participate in a wide range of activities that are part of the regular life of the Pentecostal Theological Seminary community. Recipients of the Fellowship will be awarded the standing title, Centre for Pentecostal Theology Research Fellow.    

Currently, a number of PhD students are associated with the Centre. Most, but not all, of these researchers are pursuing the PhD with Bangor University in Wales under the supervision of John Christopher Thomas who holds a dual appointment with the Pentecostal Theological Seminary as Clarence J. Abbott Professor of Biblical Studies and with Bangor University as the Director of their Centre for Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies. 

Other PhD supervisors who are affiliated with the Centre and who hold appointments at Bangor University include Frank D. Macchia, William K. Kay, Chris E.W. Green, and Robby C. Waddell

Lee Roy Martin, Professor Old Testament and Biblical Languages at the Pentecostal Theological Seminary, is also involved in doctoral level supervision.

The innovative and ground breaking research topics undertaken by these PhD students contribute to making the Centre a vibrant and exciting place to study. Something of the variety amongst these students and their topics may be found via this link to PhD students associated with  the Centre.