Currently, a number of PhD students are associated with the Centre of Pentecostal Theology. Most, but not all, of these researchers are pursuing the PhD with Bangor University in Wales, UK under the supervision of John Christopher Thomas who holds a dual appointment with the Pentecostal Theological Seminary as Clarence J. Abbott Professor of Biblical Studies and with Bangor University as the Director of their Centre for Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies

Other PhD supervisors who are affiliated with the Centre and who hold appointments at Bangor University include Frank D. Macchia, William K. Kay, Chris E.W. Green, and Robby C. Waddell. Lee Roy Martin is also involved in doctoral level supervision.

The innovative and ground breaking research topics undertaken by these PhD students contribute to making the Centre a vibrant and exciting place to study. Something of the variety amongst these students and their topics may be found via this link to PhD students associated with the Centre.

PhD Students

Justin Dennis

Clayton Endecott

José Raúl Febus-Paris (English)  (Español)

Ed George

Stetson Glass

Ed Gungor

Jeff Holley

Karen Rembert Holley

Tom Kurt

Michelle Marshall

Ray C. Robles

Chris Rouse 

Jesse Stone

Ben Wiles

Andrew Williams