The primary goals of the Centre are:

(1) To establish and maintain a residential research library which in conjunction with other facilities will provide an environment conducive to creative research by both established scholars and those completing post-graduate level degrees on Pentecostal themes, topics, and methodologies.

(2) To co-ordinate the publication of a variety of writing projects including the Journal of Pentecostal Theology, the Journal of Pentecostal Theology Supplement Series of Monographs, the Pentecostal Commentary Series, and other worthy manuscripts at both scholarly and popular levels. 

(3) To assist prospective research students in identifying and gaining admission to appropriate courses of research at various institutions around the world and, in some instances, arranging for direct supervision.

(4) To promote significant dialogue on a number of issues and themes crucial to the tradition by sponsoring conferences and consultations designed to allow specific scholars opportunity for focused interaction and to make the results available to a wider audience in published form.